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CREDANT Standalone Edition

Laptop and Desktop Data Protection in the Network and Beyond

CREDANT Mobile Guardian StandAlone Edition for Windows works with laptops, desktops and other devices that store or access sensitive or confidential data, but may not be part of the corporate domain. This data protection solution is ideal for contractors or non-employees with access to data that organizations want to keep secure.

With CREDANT StandAlone Edition for Windows, organizations can protect data on laptops and desktops that are in the corporate domain, in another domain or even non-domain systems. CREDANT StandAlone Edition for Windows also allows rapid deployment to protect corporate or affiliate systems, from data security breaches especially since CREDANT StandAlone can be easily migrated into a fully managed CREDANT Enterprise Edition environment at any time.

Flexible Options for Different Data Security Needs

Organizations can choose from several options for CREDANT StandAlone Edition for Windows data security software. One option requires no management infrastructure and scales well for small to medium sized businesses where security is also important, but resources to manage solutions are limited. When combined with CREDANT Enterprise Edition, this solution provides extra flexibility for large diverse Enterprise environments.

Easy, Streamlined Installation

A variety of installation options support organizations with or without IT administrators. Command line installation allows remote, silent deployment via software distribution packages. Alternatively, the computer owner can install this Shield via a simple, interactive, local interface. Most policy settings are pre-configured to simplify installation without losing flexibility and cannot be changed unless the product is migrated into a CREDANT Enterprise Edition environment.

CREDANT StandAlone Edition Benefits

CREDANT StandAlone Edition for Windows is part of the CREDANT family of products, the only centrally managed, data-centric encryption solution for protecting endpoint data wherever it resides. With CREDANT StandAlone Edition for Windows, organizations realize the following key benefits:

  • Quick deployment of data protection for laptops and desktops
  • Organizational growth supported by ease of migration to fully-managed CREDANT Enterprise Edition for Windows Shield
  • Locally enforced, pre-defined data protection policies that secure and control sensitive corporate data no matter where it resides
  • Data encryption that automatically enforces and is transparent to the end-user
  • Data protection software can be deployed alone or in the same environment with fully managed CREDANT Enterprise Edition
  • Broad OS support including Microsoft® Windows XP Professional (32-bit and 64-bit), XP Tablet PC Edition and Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) for Enterprise Edition, Ultimate Edition & Business Edition

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