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CREDANT Protector

Data Leakage Prevention for Controlling Storage Devices

The growing number of connectivity options between endpoints and mobile devices is making internal data access all too easy. That’s why you need a proven-effective solution like CREDANT Protector for controlling your physical, wireless, and external storage devices.

CREDANT Protector monitors real-time data traffic and applies highly granular security policies by domain, group, computer, or user. Visibility and control is provided over physical/wireless ports and device use, and enforcement is based on specific devices and data characteristics. CREDANT Protector also supports regulatory compliance via data encryption, logging, alerting and reporting.

Unparalleled Security

CREDANT Protector provides tamper-resistant Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) that is almost impossible to circumvent, disable or uninstall. All communications, logs and policies are encrypted to protect the product from tampering. CREDANT Protector will alert the IT administrator on any attempted modification or deletion of audit logs. It will also alert the IT administrator on modifications to CREDANT Protector drivers (all of which are self-healing). In addition, the solution operates at the kernel level for added security. Finally, CREDANT Protector provides enforced CD/DVD access control and encryption, hardware keylogger protection, anti-network bridging capabilities and other powerful features.

Proven Capabilities for Flexible, Enforced Protection

With CREDANT Protector, organizations can support a large variety of critical capabilities for protecting endpoint data, including the ability to:

  • Identify and control a large variety of devices and media
    • Smartphones
    • Scanners, cameras, and other peripherals
    • Flash cards, external disks, and CD/DVD media
  • Enforce CD/DVD permissions and encryption
    • Support for default ISO-based burn modes
    • Support for Nero™, Roxio™, XP/Vista® native burners
    • Disable unsupported burn modes
  • Specify fine-grained device permissions
    • Whitelist vendors, models, or distinct devices
    • Facilitates hardware standardization
  • Audit off-line device use
    • Visibility beyond the organization’s boundaries
    • Tracking of file transfers from/to encrypted devices on non-corporate computers

CREDANT Protector Benefits

Designed for a wide range of industries and organizations, CREDANT Protector is the only centrally managed, data-centric solution for protecting endpoint data wherever it resides. With Protector, organizations can access the solution needed to:

  • Protect their data from leakage and theft
  • Eliminate targeted attacks through endpoints and removable media
  • Enable connectivity and productivity without compromising security
  • Support compliance with regulatory data security and privacy standards

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