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CREDANT Compliance Reporter

Reporting for Security Compliance Requirements

CREDANT Compliance Reporter gives your organisation extensive visibility into encryption status, policy updates, Shield deployment, and other compliance details related to data endpoints and users. With CREDANT Compliance Reporter, your organisation can run reports on demand or on a schedule, with results automatically emailed to stakeholders.

Users can also display and manipulate report results from within the Compliance Reporter interface, or export the report data for use in third-party applications. In addition, Compliance Reporter offers centralized management and administration capabilities that allow resource-intensive reporting operations to be off-loaded to machines other than the CREDANT Server host, while still providing ease of access for multiple administrative users with a single installation.

A Flexible, Browser-Based Security Reporting Solution

Accessible through any supported web browser, CREDANT Compliance Reporter provides a variety of pre-defined, web-based reports for policy management, encryption status, device inventory, and administrator roles. Report views can be customized by changing data field inclusion, sorting, grouping, column order, and filtering on result set contents. Once a template meets the business needs it can be saved as a new report thus reducing time needed to run standard reports.

Multi-level Administrative and Access Control

Compliance Reporter’s three administrator roles provide fine-grained permission management. The Report Administrator provides full access to Reporter’s administrative options. Report Owner enables administrators to customize, save, and schedule reports. If administrators want to run only pre-existing reports, Report User is available.

Compliance Reporter also allows sharing of reports while restricting access by user. The application’s stand-alone orientation can be used to off-load resource intensive reporting operations to machines other than the CREDANT Server host, but still provide ease of access for multiple administrative users with a single installation.

Easy Report Integration and Exporting

CREDANT Compliance Reporter lets you easily import reports and functionality into existing installations. For example, all CREDANT Shield for External Media, handheld, Windows and Mac details are viewable in the CREDANT Compliance Reporter. Administrators with privileges on both the CREDANT Server and Compliance Reporter can access Compliance Reporter from within the CREDANT Console. CREDANT Compliance Reporter also provides the ability to export reports for use in third-party applications. With just a single click, users can export to comma separated values (CSV) format for use with Crystal Reports,® Microsoft® Excel® or other third-party applications.

  • Policy-based, centralized management for improved security, compliance and ease of use
  • Non-disruptive security that does not impair operational efficiency or impact the user experience
  • Proven technology, expertise and experience from the industry leader in endpoint data protection
  • Quick deployment of data protection for laptops, desktops, handhelds and external media across diverse platforms
  • Automatic audit trails that offer proof of end-to-end data security
  • Protection of data from unwarranted access, thus reducing risk of internal breaches

CREDANT Compliance Reporter Benefits

With CREDANT Compliance Reporter, organisations have a powerful yet flexible data security reporting solution to help them:

  • Prove endpoints are protected, regardless of user, device or location
  • Check policy assignment and deployment status
  • Audit administrative roles
  • Customize and schedule reports
  • Support fine-grained permission management
  • Support multiple administrators with a single installation

Ask for more information about CREDANT products and how they provide organisations with proven solutions for endpoint data protection.

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